By the meeting of truck lovers

I purchased a Canter truck in residents' association.
A big event was a feature, and the residents' association of our town criticized need and a large sum in it.
However, I needed considerable time and labor for the realization.
The prime example is understanding and cooperation of the residents.
I had thing Ichinohe Ichinohe explanation how much cost turned around, and it participate in a meeting and acted as why a Canter truck was necessary.
In that way it finally led to the purchase.
By the way, in the truck that was a number, it was Chairperson self-government that recommended with a Canter.
A chairperson seemed to be familiar with the car in anything and was selected by all means if the car was good.
So I reached the car openly and performed the thing named the welcome ceremony snugly at an exclusive parking lot.
Then the local residents gathered, too and were the welcome mood if great when the person who showed disapproval of the purchase saw a real car.
Then the day when the car plays an active part for the first time on the other day comes, and work of the first is to carry estovers product of the memorial festival event.
It was considerable quantity, but I could carry it at once and was saved very much.
I thought that it was good to purchase some other time till then because I commuted by small car many times.
I turned the matter of the expense that it cost for the car by a circular notice, but a voice that there was the purchase value was asked whether it was after it and was cheap a lot afterwards even if higher.
Was big shopping, but is very good; when was able to do shopping, is satisfied very much.